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Detalle casa la Madrileña

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the modernismo


At the beginning of XX century, Spain was going through a period of economic prosperity. The town of Teruel wasn’t an exception. The bourgeois merchant families rivalled each other in constructing many commercial and living buildings. A new artistic style of unique characteristics would come to dominate. It was called Modernism.

Modernist structural and ornamental elements are inspired by vegetable motifs, Curve patterns stands out.  Many materials like brick and tile, which had fallen into disuse, reappear again. Art forgery also revives in its decorations.  In this style, imagination, suggestion, decoration and functionality melt together in   perfect unity.

Modernist architecture in the town of Teruel is due to the famous architect of excellence Pablo Monguió. Born in Tarragona in 1865, he built a splendid career in our town.

There are lots of buildings in Teruel, which represent Paolo Monguió´s work. While some of them are documented and  recognized to be  part of his artworks -  Ferrán House ,“La Madrileña” House or  “El Torico” House, others owing to the lack of any written records are supposed to be his -“Escriche” House, “Pharmacy” House, ”Bayo” House. His other artworks are the Arrabal Schools, Salvador´s Church in Villaspesa. The south door of the Cathedral is considered to be one his most beautiful Neomudéjar contributions.

The Ferrán House is devoid of a distance outlook due to the narrowness of the streets. It is enclosed by El Salvador, El Pozo and Nueva Street. Monguió used this corner façade to point out to the exterior all the beauty that it implies. This building represents more than any other the maturity of the modernism in the town of Teruel.

The façade of the building of “La Madrileña” is so narrow that hardly makes a room possible. It must be in the upper part of the façade where he would show the exuberance of the Modernist style in such a limited space.

At present, the building of the “Tejidos”/ El Torico/ House is restored and occupied by Caja Rural bank office. The double façade permitted to its author to achieve a high degree of expressiveness, mainly the one facing the square, where there is a variety of exterior decoration on each floor. The angle formed by the two façade walls is crowned by a turret, which could be considered a real jewelry of the Modernism in the town of Teruel.

Many other buildings, dating back to the early XX century, are also of a great interest.  They all correspond to the same period, although some are Modernist, others represent Historicism   and Neomudéjar style or mix up these three inspirations.

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