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Gastronomía Turolense

Photographic show of different places of the city.
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The gastronomic richness of the city of Teruel, as well as the rest of the province, is based on the wide range of local quality products.

The pork and the lamb will be the main protagonist of the table. From the pork as a star product, Teruel ham; “Las Delicias de Teruel” can give entry to any friends´ meeting around a table (slices of bread with tomato, drizzled with oil from the Bajo Aragon, a pinch of garlic and thin slices of ham of Teruel)   can be part of the main course of a good meal. The lamb (also called “Ternasco de Aragón”) is another of our particular delicacies, baked or grilled.

Province cuisine always takes into account seasonal vegetables, for example the thistle and the borage ( el cardo y las borrajas). Also the garlic soup, the hotpots(potajes), the crumbs(fried breadcrumbs) and the stews( Cocido) are part of the home-made meals.

Hunting and animals of poultry, partridge, quail and rabbit are delicious especially prepared pickled. In the traditional cuisine, the fish we are going to find is the cod and the trout.

Special mention deserves the “Regañao”, typical product of the city, which consists on mass of bread, ham or sardine with red pepper cooked in the oven. It can be found in many bakeries.

Among sweets, ‘Suspiros de Amante', The ‘Turrones’ (especially the ‘guirlache’), the ‘Trenza mudejar’, ‘Frutas of Aragon’ are products of the gastronomy of Aragon.

The Calanda peach, the Sarrión truffle, the Jiloca saffron, the Bajo Aragón oil are essential products to understand the cuisine of Teruel.

We have already talked about the tradition but the tasting of our gastronomy ranges between the deep-rooted traditional flavor and the new ways of understanding the cuisine. In the last years the cuisine of Teruel has evolved enormously and has managed to combine these two aspects in a very successful way.


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