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paleontological theme park


Dinópolis Teruel is a large thematic space dedicated to the world of dinosaurs and paleontology.

In a very didactic way, Dinopolis Teruel shows us everything  related to the paleontology and the evolution of life on our planet. A tour, which is realized in special vehicles, moves us to the origin of the Earth and we can cover in boat the last 65 million years. It offers natural size replicas of the large dinosaurs and their ichnites, which are the footprints that they left when walking these large animals.

But Dinópolis is even more, it is also the Foundation Dinópolis dedicated to the scientific research in turolenses land and in different places of the world. It is provided(relies on) with a Laboratory of Paleontology where they work with restoration skills(technologies) and replicas of fossils. There is a Paleontological Museum that has a large collection of fossils from all over the world.

Dinópolis is a theme center and full of special effects, animatronics, spectacles and activities. A series of services is added to all this: restaurants, bars, the shop, movies in 3D and areas of games that will make both children and adults spend an unforgettable day. Big innovation simulator 4D.

It has its main head office in the city of Teruel and in other places of the province, there are some satellite centers that show the paleontological resources of each area. In Rublielos de Mora it is located the Amber Region, the Legendpark in Galve, the Nummus Sea in Albarracin, the Pétreo forest in Castellote, Titania in Riodeva and the Inhospitak in Peñarroya de Tastavins. The whole province of Teruel is a huge deposit of fossils of beings that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.


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